Career Opportunities for Management Students

We all heard and appreciated Prime Minister Narendra  Modi for his initiatives like “Make in India” and “Start up India, Stand up India”. The Prime Minister tried to overcome every hurdle coming in manufacturing and start-up way, be it minimizing legal hurdles, or no tax policy till 5 years of any start-up.

According to a recent study by a major financial newspaper, 1,000,000 new companies are likely to come up over the span of next 5 years, and it may require 3,500,000 talented management graduates in order to manage their operations, manpower and business expansions along with mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances. This requirement is apart from unskilled and semi skilled manpower need for start ups and manufacturing units. To manage this semiskilled and unskilled manpower it will also require a large no. of eligible managers.

The question arises, is India ready for such a huge requirement of eligible managers over this short span of next 5 years?  After the recession of 2009, many MBA pass outs faced big difficulties to attain a good job as per their eligibility and expanses they had incurred in order to earn their degree. As a result, interest for these courses declined severely for consecutive years and India reached the present situation where corporate world is facing massive scarcity of talented management graduates. In coming years, the situation will become even worse day by day if no corrective actions are taken well in time.

For students looking for good career opportunities, opting for MBA/PGDM in a good institute which focuses on quality education may be a right choice in today’s scenario. If keeping in mind present easy funding and entrepreneur friendly government policies, anybody wants to start his/her own business then also he/she should choose a really good institute for an MBA/PGDM program in order to nurture their business and management skills and clearing concepts. The students/ aspirants who need guidance about good institute(s)/course(s) may seek guidance/information from Admission Coordinators who have more than ten years of experience in this line of activity. Admission Coordinators is an organization which provides free of cost assistance/guidance/consultancy to students in order to help such students to choose the right courses/ institutes as per their academic capabilities. For more information mail your queries to or visit our website


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